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How to Maintain the Crane Slewing Bearing?

In the implementation, maintenance and repair work, the danger of being dragged into the revolving small gear and the danger of crushing and cutting should be first noticed. When performing the following tasks, ensure that no maintenance personnel are in the dangerous area between the main arm, upper car and rolling disc or between the lower car and rolling disc while the engine is started for necessary rotation and change actions, except for the crane operator.

Check the bolts of the crane slewing bearing

  • Visual inspection of the bolts on the slewing support should be carried out every time the crane works or at least once a week.

  • After the slewing support works for 100 working hours, check whether the bolts are loose. Check again after 300 working hours, and then check once every 500 working hours in the future; reduce the inspection interval in harsh working conditions. If loose bolts are found during the inspection, stop the construction operation and immediately contact the local after-sales service department to have the factory or professional technicians check and decide whether to immediately disassemble, inspect and process.

  • The crane slewing bearing should be filled with lithium-based grease before installation.

  • Wipe the bolts clean when replacing them, then coat them with thread-locking adhesive before tightening them. If the crane is used according to the requirements of the operation manual and crane performance table or the tightening bolts are regularly inspected, the risk of bolt fatigue failure can be avoided.

Regular inspection of crane slewing bearing

  • Regularly inspect the flexibility of the rotation. If noise or impact is found, stop the machine immediately and check for faults. If necessary, disassemble and check.

  • Regularly check whether the slewing ring has cracks or damage, and whether the meshing teeth surface has any biting, gnawing, or surface peeling.

  • Regularly check the completeness of the seal. If the seal belt is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it is found to be falling off, it should be reset in time.

Lubricate the tooth surface of the crane slewing bearing

The slewing ring of the crane slewing bearing has been coated with rust-proof oil before leaving the factory, and the effective period of this rust-proof is generally 3-6 months. After the effective period has passed, rust-proof oil should be applied in time. In addition, during use, avoid direct sunlight on the slewing support. Direct flushing of the slewing support with water is prohibited to prevent water from entering the rolling track. Hard foreign objects should be strictly prevented from approaching or entering the meshing area of the teeth.

Lubricate the rolling track of the crane slewing bearing

The rolling track should be regularly filled with lubricating grease according to the working environment. The rolling track should be filled with lubricating grease after working for 50 working hours, and then once every 300 working hours in the future. The slewing support must be filled with grease before and after long-term storage.

If a steam jet cleaner or fixed water jet cleaner is used to clean the crane, be careful to ensure that water does not penetrate the slewing support connection, and then lubricate the slewing support connection. For special working environments, such as tropical, high humidity, high dust, large temperature changes, and continuous work, the lubrication cycle should be shortened. Lubricating grease should be added when the slewing support is slowly rotating. When the lubricating grease overflows from the sealing strip, the addition is completed, and the overflowed grease will form a thin film, playing a sealing role.

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