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The Importance of Slewing Bearing Crane

A crane is a sturdy machine with wide-ranging motion and high load capacity. The slewing bearing plays an important role in crane operation, which is why durable design and regular maintenance are crucial for the overall function of the slewing bearing crane. At SWBTEC, our slewing bearings used for cranes and a variety of other applications provide durability from start to finish. Through regular maintenance, our components are an economically efficient solution suitable for any design.

Introduction to slewing ring bearing

If you need reliable equipment to meet your application, a slewing ring bearing may be a practical solution. These equipment parts are suitable for heavy-duty operations and provide multifunctionality that meets your requirements. As an industrial turntable bearing manufacturer, SWBTEC supports you with reliable equipment that delivers trustworthy performance for demanding projects in your industry. Slewing bearings, also known as slewing rings, are a thin section ball bearing with four points of contact that provide rotational movement in large machines. To facilitate installation in industrial applications, the slewing bearing has holes on both the outer and inner rings. The convenient installation design allows for installation without additional machining requirements. These parts have many applications in various industries, such as welding tables, automation equipment, and heavy machinery.

The slewing ring bearing reduces friction and surface contact between moving planes while helping to position moving machine parts and bear loads. They do not have a full contact radius but contact the raceway at two contact points to minimize ball slipping. This design helps protect equipment from wear and optimize performance in daily operations.

Function of slewing bearing crane

In lifting equipment such as cranes, the slewing bearing crane forms a connection between the lifting frame and the upper structure of the machine. These bearings allow the crane to rotate 360 degrees while supporting various types of motion requirements, from thrust and radial motion to other tilt movements. The open design of the slewing bearing allows hydraulic systems and other control components to pass through, thus making better use of space.

The slewing bearing plays a critical role in crane operation due to its many responsibilities. While regulating many types of motion, slewing bearing cranes can also bear the weight of the equipment and its various loads, including payload and balance.

Since the rated lifting capacity of the crane is the highest, it is important to check the load that can be lifted to the center of the crane. This is directly related to the slewing bearing crane, which is called the "tilting moment capacity." The crane may have several important components in operation, but the slewing bearing is the most critical component when designing the crane load chart. Overall, the slewing bearing will reflect how much load the crane can lift and how far the load can be carried under safe operating conditions.

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