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How to Extend the Service Life of Bearings to Exert Their Performance?

Slewing Bearings are a relatively important component. For it to work better, it must be installed and maintained correctly. As one of the trusted slewing ring bearing suppliers, below we will give you some tips for extending the service life of your bearings.

Ⅰ. Tips for prolonging the service life of Slewing bearings

1. Lubrication is the key

Use high-quality lubricants and appropriate lubrication methods. Insufficient oil supply can lead to increased wear and temperature, and Slewing bearings can suffer from overload wear and premature damage. If there is too much lubricant, especially when running at high speed, a lot of heat will be generated due to the friction of the engine, which will cause chemical aging of the lubricating oil and cause Slewing bearing wear.

2. Reasonable adjustment of the gap

When assembling or installing a slewing bearing, if the clearance inside the bearing is too large, or in some cases, the load of the oil tank is too large, the bearing will be damaged prematurely and the service life of the bearing will be shortened. In addition to high maintenance costs, improper bearing assembly and installation can also have other adverse effects, such as affecting the operation of other components and shortening their service life.

3. Inspection after installation

Whether the installation of the bearing is reasonable is directly related to its service life and the accuracy of the host. Improperly installed bearings can produce vibration and noise, reduce accuracy, increase temperature, and risk seizing and burning. Conversely, after getting the product from slewing ring bearing manufacturers, if installed correctly, the service life of the bearing won't be less. Therefore, after installing the bearing, be sure to check it carefully.

Ⅱ. Check the Slewing bearing's quality

1. Installation location

After installing the bearing, check the collision of the running parts and the fixed parts, the smooth flow of the lubricating oil, and the installation of the sealing mechanism and the axial fastening mechanism.

2. Radial clearance

In addition to the installation of pre-interference bearings, other radial clearances should be checked. Deep groove ball bearings can be checked by hand to ensure smoothness, flexibility, no vibration, and no side-to-side shaking. Check the cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearing slewing ring with a feeler gauge, and insert the feeler gauge between the roller and the support. The insertion depth of the feeler gauge should not exceed 1/2 of the roller length.

3. The degree of closeness between the bearing and the shaft shoulder

In general, the Slewing bearing of a snug fit should be close to the shoulder. Illumination method and thickness gauge can be used during inspection. If the bearing is assembled in the Slewing bearing hole by interference fit, the outer ring is fixed by the shoulder of the housing hole. It is necessary to check whether the contact surface of the outer ring and the housing hole is tightly fitted, and check according to the thickness gauge.

4. Check

Under normal circumstances, the working temperature of the slewing bearing cannot exceed 90 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will cause high temperature, annealing and burnout of the Slewing bearing, and the service life of the Slewing bearing will be less.

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