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Guidelines and Precautions for Installing Single Row Ball Slewing Rings

Single-row ball slewing bearing is a widely used accessory in mechanical equipment. When installing it, you must master a certain method, otherwise it is easy to cause damage, and it will also cause irreparable losses. Before installing the single row ball slewing bearing, first check the certificate and sign to confirm that the model used is correct. The specific single-row ball slewing bearing installation guide can refer to the following points.

Ⅰ. Steps for installing single-row ball slewing bearing

1. Installation plane

The mounting surface should be smooth and clean, with all excess material such as paint residues, solder beads, burrs, etc. removed. When cleaning, be careful not to let the solvent penetrate into the inside of the single-row ball slewing bearing, and do not use solvents that damage the sealing material. Before assembly, make sure the mounting surface is dry and free of lubricants. Also, some measures should be taken to protect workers and the environment.

2. Install the support

The roughness of the mounting surface of the mounting support shall not be greater than Ra=12.5, 6.3 μm, and the error of the flatness of the mounting surface shall be checked for circumferential and radial error. The circumferential flatness tolerance value has a corresponding standard value range with the diameter of the slewing bearing raceway. In order to avoid the local overload of the slewing bearing caused by the unevenness of the installation plane or the deformation of the bearing, the circumferential flatness error can only have one wave ups and downs within any 180-degree range, and the change is slight.

3. Installation and positioning

The inner and outer raceways of the single-row ball slewing bearing have a soft belt, which should be placed on both sides of the main load plane. That is, it is 90 degrees staggered from the main load area. There is a jam or "S" mark on the soft strap. In addition, check the fit of the slewing bearing and the mounting surface, usually with a feeler gauge. If the fit is not good, fill it with appropriate materials. After the slewing bearing is installed, it is forbidden to carry out welding operations on the support.

Ⅱ. The installation precautions for single-row ball slewing bearing

When installing a toothed slewing ring, it is important to adjust the gear backlash correctly. It can be adjusted with a feeler gauge at the radial runout point of the gear, or by pressing a lead wire or other suitable methods. If the backlash is not within the specified value, the pinion can be moved to change the center distance. After adjustment, turn the slewing bearing at least one full circle to confirm that there are no other high jump points of the teeth. Different from the cross roller slewing bearing, after the single-row ball slewing bearing is fixed, check the backlash and fake clearance again. The highest point of gear runout is marked in the tooth groove with green paint.

In order to ensure sufficient lubrication, the grease specified in the drawing or product instruction manual should be refilled before the first use. Note that the grease should be injected into all the grease fittings one by one, and the slewing bearing should be turned while the grease is injected until the grease is seen to be squeezed out from the sealing ring. When the gears are lubricated, the tooth surfaces should be clean. It is recommended to use a clean brush to apply grease to the gears.

Regarding the installation guide of single volleyball slewing bearing, the above are some of the contents sorted out for you, I hope it can be helpful to you. There is one more thing you need to pay attention to. When lubricating the gears, in order to ensure the balance of friction resistance, you can apply some lubricating oil on the threads of the bolts. Be careful not to use glue on the loosening parts of the bolts. If you have other questions or are interested in consulting our products, you can call or leave a message to SWBTEC!

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