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Debris Removal Methods and Applications of the Slewing Bearing

It is inevitable that mechanical operations will be affected by dust and impurities. As a type of bearing applied to large or heavy machinery equipment, the slewing bearing itself is equipped with installation holes, lubrication oil holes, and sealing devices, but it is still affected by complex environments. Improper maintenance may result in impurities randomly getting into the slewing bearing, increasing the friction between the slewing bearing and related accessories, causing active sticking phenomena, and even causing machinery to stop running. Therefore, it is necessary for operational managers to master cleaning methods proficiently and timely clean impurities to ensure normal machinery operation.

Cleaning of impurities from the slewing bearing

The dust accumulated in the raceway of the slewing bearing cannot be cleaned, resulting in the blockage of the oil injection pipeline and the jamming of the rollers in the raceway. With the help of temporary auxiliary equipment, high-pressure cleaning solution is injected into the slewing bearing to make the friction pair relative movement through repeated rotation, cleaning the oil dirt and dust accumulated in the raceway. After cleaning, inject machine oil into the slewing bearing to remove the cleaning solution. Regularly checking the related accessories of the slewing bearing is necessary to prevent impurities from invading due to damage to protective accessories or improper use of lubricating oil, which will cause significant consumption to the slewing bearing and shorten its service life.

Application scope of the slewing bearing

Lifting machinery

Lifting machinery includes crane trucks, tower cranes, trailers, and so on. As these machines operate in harsh environments and the rotating parts often experience significant impact, customized slewing bearings are used in these parts. The slewing bearing manufacturer will arrange engineers to design bearings that meet the actual requirements and then put them into use, which not only meets the needs of lifting machinery, but also greatly improves the service life.

Engineering machinery

Engineering machinery can be simply divided into excavators, loaders, and so on. slewing bearings can withstand both axial and radial forces and overturning moments, and the structure is very compact. In the operation of excavators, constant rotation is required, and the slewing bearing is the core component of rotation. Applications in engineering machinery are the basic application of slewing bearing and are also the most widely used application.

Processing machinery

Processing machinery such as material processing, food processing, metallurgy, etc. With the continuous development of technology, people are no longer satisfied with simply applying slewing bearings to engineering machinery but are turning their attention to equipment platform processing machinery. Because slewing bearings are more compact than original bearings and can withstand greater external forces, their performance and structure are better, and they are widely used in processing machinery.

Military equipment

Nowadays, military competition is based on the hard power of military equipment. Like we see on TV, when tanks turn their turrets, a shell accurately hits the target. slewing bearings play a very good supporting role in this process. Other military equipment such as anti-aircraft guns, radars, and rocket launchers all have important structures that require the timely rotation and jumping of the slewing bearing, and compared to traditional bearings, they have better performance.

Other areas

In addition to applications in industry and medical fields, the shadow of rotary bearings can also be seen in the field of power generation and in daily life. The yaw bearings of wind turbines are installed at the connection between the tower and the cabin, and the pitch bearings are installed at the root of each blade and the hub connection. Each wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearings and three sets of pitch bearings. Through the application of rotary bearings in wind power equipment, the process of power generation can be changed depending on the different wind strengths. In the entire process, the part connected to the root of the blade is the specific embodiment of the rotary bearing. The application of rotary bearings in daily life is mainly concentrated in amusement parks, such as Ferris wheels, roller coasters, large pendulums, and carousels, etc., where the application of rotary bearings ensures safety in life.

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